Mission and vision

Filadelfia Group aims to become an important name in the field of passenger transport by coach, in tourism, freight and constructions, by offering to its customers complete solutions and establishing long term partnerships with them.


Satisfying customer needs. We listen to their wishes and offer them the most appropriate solutions in conditions of maximum seriousness and responsibility.
Continuous improvement of performance and quality of services  offered and based onour clients’ observations and suggestions.
Ensuring all necessary resources, including staff trainings and continuous training to develop skills and abilities i order to be able to offer services of high quality.

Filadelfia Group has as main mission the customer satisfaction, creating an internal environment conducive to development, retention and motivation of human capital, prevention of  environmental pollution and the employee training through protecting the environment, and at the same time assuring human, financial, material, technical and information resources to achieve all goals established and to create great relations with suppliers and customers.

We are aware that the nature of our activities may generate an environmental impact, so to this extent we control and permanently try to reduce it.

Among the environmental activities performed at ourhead office we may include:
- Purchase products and service into the spirit of protecting the environment
- Reducing water consumption and an efficient energy consumption for producing hot water
- Reducing and avoiding waste
- Optimizing energy consumption through building management
- Environmental training and motivating employees for environmental activities
- Careful planning delegations

We put accent on external environmental measures:
- Drivers tuition for environmental protection
- Optimization of transport planning to reduce unused kilometers
- Cooperation with international organizations to improve environmental standards

We believe that we have a  social responsibility and that is why we have with our customers, suppliers and company officials  an open dialogue. We support humanitarian projects and social initiatives of our employees, both financially and through donations and involvement. We want our employees to feel good.

We have a cooperative and responsible driving style and we emphasize the personal involvement of our employees through a corporate performance-based remuneration. In addition to this we offer an international working environment, providing opportunities for personal and professional development.