Filadelfia Group

Filadelfia Group is a 100% Romanian capital company that includes : Tabita Tour Filadelfia Tourism,  Filadelfia Freight and Filadelfia Construction. The company is based on the overall philosophy of the group. Over time our company has formed a highly qualified staff that can meet all customer requirements. We believe that the best type of advertising is not the loud one, promoted in the media, but a kind of discreet and direct advertising, mainly based on the recommendation of satisfied customers. Therefore we try to do our best, to be appreciated by all our customers.

Filadelfia Group has as main mission the customer satisfaction, creating an internal environment conducive to development, retention and motivation of human capital, prevention of  environmental pollution and the employee training through protecting the environment, and at the same time assuring human, financial, material, technical and information resources to achieve all goals established and to create great relations with suppliers and customers.

Filadelfia Group is distinguished by professionalism (we respond with efficiency to the needs of our clients through a correct and quick information ), flexibility, responsiveness (we are open to our clients’ suggestions and requests ), attempting to create with our clients  an “organic business model”, in which both parties can create a sustainable partnership.


Filadelfia Group  Principles: 

Cooperative management style with the highest possible personal liability of our employees.
Structured in decentralized profit centers.
Promoting a familiar team spirit in the company.
Customer satisfaction and employees is the company's highest  purpose.
Permanent Innovative accommodation to economic development .


Filadelfia  Group assessments:


Customer orientation philosophy always stood in the center of the business group..  This goal is not only written in all Filadelfia Group presentations, but is a  real fact, seen every day in all our customer services.


On a market in constant motion, like that in Romania, where large investors in Europe are leading players in various industries, one of the advantages of Filadelfia Group group is the great quality and competitiveness of services offered and constantly adapted to meet customer needs.

Thus, Filadelfia Group has provided leadership in the transport market in Romania.


Vitality and energy of a bisiness is given by its team coherence and effectiveness. Filadelfia Group Group  a strong team, a “Formula 1 team”.
That is why we dedicate significant resources annually for professional development and team-building programs, as our team represents one of the most important resources of Filadelfia Group.


We want to be the best in our field. Filadelfia Group  team is always ready to approach the most difficult aspects of the business with professionalism and desire for improvement.
Behind all our European quality services  stays a great team of trained people, motivated to develop their skills and accept new challenges.


Being transparent and honest, accepting different opinions and  encourage "fair play" negotiations define Filadelfia Group’s manner to approach the professional relationships, either within our own organization or partnerships with suppliers and customers. Fladelfia Group considers as being fair the correct exchange of information at all  levels.


Filadelfia Group Group is one of the transport pioneers in Romania. For over a decade we follow  perfection and do not accept the curret standard as being sufficient for the future. We have been the first ones who imagined and implemented modern solutions for both the system and clients. We constantly seek for opportunities to improve existing systems and processes and encourage employees to come up with new ideas.


"Be Proactive" is one of our mottos and an  extremely important coordinated  on medium and long term  business plan. The strengthening of the business was made by  anticipating market changes in Romania, but always in the European space context.


Young people are the future and will always represent a logical move to focus our attention on them. Filadelfia Group is committed to the idea of involving the younger generation in working activities for both to ensure continuity of human resources and to provide a good medium for developement. Training programs developed by Filadelfia Group give youth a chance for a successful future.


Filadelfia Group respects its origins, space and environment in which operates. It is therefore important for each company of the group to maintain good working relationships with community and develop programs for environmental protection.


Filadelfia Group objectives:

  • To increase group turnover by 10% since 2008
  • Each work group will be managed individually in order for the results to be positive
  • To increase the service quality offered
  • To increase employee satisfaction
  • Increased shareholder satisfaction