Civil Engineer for construction administration department

Company description:
One of the largest companies in the country recruits Civil Engineer for construction administration department

Job description:
- Market monitorazing for contracting and work orders - prepares specifications to participate in the auction - is responsible for contract work and brings them to completion.
- Responsible for construction works or depending on the case of installations, assembly work on the building site
- Organizes each job, distributes the papers work to teams and to executors, supervises work throughout working hours
- Takes steps to meet the rules and schedule of work
- Considers receiving and distributing materials provided
- Ensures working point, chip technology, procedures, drawings and other documentation
- Responsible for consumption of materials, fuels and energy
- Provides operation and maintenance tools and equipment
- Responsible for compliance with the rigorous execution technologies, controlling the quality of works
- Responsible for training workers for quality work, preserving the quality of materials during handling and storage;

- this job is addressed to both unexperienced engineers who want to practice their skills and to experienced engineers who wish to develop their career in a rapidly expanding company.
- The candidate must be educated in the field.
- Have knowledge of design drawings in AutoCAD for performance or other design programs;
- Teamwork skills, ability to prioritize, positive attitude, stress resistance;
- Availability to travel in the country.

Offer (bonuses, benefits):
- Pleasant working environment, dynamic and motivating.
- Attractive salary package, meal vouchers, fee based on contracted projects
- Mobile phone, car service.

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